The Apache is tandem-seat, twin-engine attack helicopter that was designed to overcome the limitations of the modified armed utility helicopters such as the Huey.

It is easily recognised by its wing stubs that are fitted to alleviate flight stress on the main rotor in flight and its imposing air-to-surface and air-to-air weaponry that includes HE rocket pods, cannon pods, minigun pods, anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft missiles.

The Apache entered service with the US Marines in 1985 and is capable of land- or sea-based operations. It provides rotary-wing close air support (CAS), anti-armour/anti-helicopter, armed escort, armed and visual reconnaissance, and supporting arms coordination (SAC) during day/night and in adverse weather conditions.

About the model

A number of customers had asked me to make an Apache but I initially refused as I didn’t like the look of it. In the end I gave in and once the model was complete I was really pleased with the result as it looks great both on the ground and in the air.

Work started in 2002 when a number of my contacts in the US, gave me the necessary 3-view diagrams and photos. It took around 4 months to build. It has sprung Olio legs, steer-able tail wheel and rotating gun with full up, down, left, right movement.

It was originally designed for petrol mechanics but in the end I shoe-horned a PJW Jakadofsky jet turbine in with my own designed mechanics.

Solid plug in the process of being turned into a number of moulds:

Basic fuselage shell made from above plug:

Close up detail of some of the arms fitted to the model:

A glimpse of some of the superb cockpit detail:

In the air:

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