Now here's something different!  A friend of mine - Michael Coveney - had wanted to build a scale model and asked me for help.  Rather than build a 'normal' model based on an actual machine, he wanted to do 'Lego'.  My initial reaction was disbelief but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea.  I've never scaled-up before!

Michael gave up with building the model so I took over and here it is.  A scaled up version of the Lego Sea Rescue helicopter produced in the 1980's. It is 100% accurate - as you would expect from me - and uses the Align T-Rex 500 mechanics.

Strangely this gets more attention at shows than the other models I take!

In 2013, we added a scale Lego lorry that is also radio controlled, complete with lights.  With this we are able to drive the Lego helicopter out to the patch, take off, fly around, land back on the trailer, and drive it back to the pits.

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