Rotorway is one of the world’s oldest helicopter manufacturer of full-size helicopter kits. They provide a way for those wanting to own their own helicopter but at a price that makes it far more affordable. The Exec range of helicopters are smart, modern looking and have won many awards.

Expected build time with the standard kit was about 500 hours, although they offered a quick build kit that cut that time nearly in half. Pilot and passenger load was 400 pounds with a normal cruise of 95 mph and a maximum airspeed of 115 mph

About the model

In 2004 I was asked by a number of modellers to create a model that would fit into the boot of an average car – it was suggested that I did the Rotorway Executive. I saw a full size helicopter and took many photos.

The model you see here was completed in 2005 and is powered by a 23cc Zenoa petrol engine.

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