Trips and Visits

I've met a lot of people on my trips around the world, many of which have become good friends. Here are some of my favourite memories:

LM Trophy UK - 2015  The UK Len Mount trophy was held at the Eynsford club as it has been for the past few years. The weather was reasonable and meant that there was a lot of flying ...


LM Trophy Spain - 2015  The Spanish Len Mount trophy was held in the coastal resort of Castellon about 60 miles north of Valencia. The weather was perfect - hot, sunny and not much wind - which meant that the flying round would be important to overall ratings...


 University of Valencia - August 2015 I was invited to the University of Valencia where they teach students about robotics and the use of remote pilot vehicles.  Little did I know what they had in store for me ...


Red Bull Air Race UK - Aug 2015 The Red Bull air races are billed as the fastest sport on the planet. I was invited to put on a static display with my models ...


Eibergen Holland - May 2015   The 7th 'Heli-Oldie' meeting for scale helicopters was held at the Esbergse club in Eibergen, Holland.  It was a great time to meet up with old friends ...


Cajun Helifest - March 2015   The 6th Cajun Helifest, incorporating the Len Mount US Trophy was held Crowley, Louisiana, USA on March 28-29th.  It was close finish ....


Red Bull Fly-in Austria 2014  The Flying Bulls arranged a fly-in for the RC pilots they sponsor across Europe.  The size and range of models was breathtaking as you'll see in this report.


Len Mount Trophy Eynsford 2014. This was the 10th running of this annual event for scale helicopters held at the Eynsford flying club in the UK.



Red Bull Air Races, Ascot 2014.  The Red Bull Air Races is an international series where 12 pilots compete to be the fastest around an enclosed course.  It's reputed to be one of the fastest and most exhilarating motor sports and I was invited by Red Bull to display my models.


Len Mount Trophy, Spain 2014  The annual Len Mount trophy for scale helicopters was once again held in Valencia on the Spanish Coast.  The weather was fantastic despite the poor forecast and the quality of models was even better.


Nomads Family Day, UK, 2014.  The Nomads family day took place on the site of a former WW1 airfield and was a lovely, relaxed, family affair.


Cajun Helifest, USA, 2014.  2014 started off with the first running of the Len Mount trophy held in Louisinna, USA.  Over 80 pilots attended the 2 day event, which ended with a surprise winner.


Trips in 2013  During 2013, I attended 11 shows both here in the UK and in mainland Europe. There were too many shows to comment on individually, so in this section I cover some of the highlights from the year.

Spanish Championships, Valencia 2011 The Spanish championship for scale RC helicopters was held in glorious weather over the weekend of June 4/5 at Valencia, Spain. With 28 registered entrants for the senior competition and 19 for the children's event, there was much to see and enjoy for all the family.

Visit to Red Bull USA.  While researching the Red Bull BO105, I was allowed to take a close up look at their helicopter based in the US.  I had no idea as to what was in store for me when I arrived and met the pilot - Chuck Aaron.


Visit to Red Bull Austria.  Red Bull keep their aircraft in two purpose built hangers at Salzburg airport, Austria.  They contain an amazing collection of aircraft that now includes the first model that I built.


Tagging Whales in Alaska.  I’ve done many things with my helicopters, ranging from crossing the English channel, through to spying missions in Eastern Europe. But perhaps the strangest and yet the most challenging took place in the Arctic.


India Air Spectacular.  I was asked many years ago if I would be willing to put on a show in Bombay – now called Mumbai – to help out the local aero modelling club. I asked a friend of mine, John Wallington, to come with me. What a memorable trip with one of the largest crowds I have ever flown in front of.

Crossing the Channel.  In the UK, being the first to cross the channel, whether by swimming or flying, has always guaranteed press coverage. I had read in one of the modelling magazines that the model manufacturer Graupner had claimed to have crossed the channel with a radio-controlled helicopter but that it had been badly damaged on landing. On further investigation I found out that to gain the title ‘first’, the model still had to be flyable at the end so the title was still available. I decided that I would go for it.