Cajun Helifest - March 2015

The 6th Cajun Helifest was held at Rice Area Modellers Society airfield in Crowley, Louisiana, USA on March 28-29th 2015. The event attracted over 60 pilots and included the second Len Mount Scale Helicopter Championship.

The weather was sunny, warm and perfect for flying scale models. The competition was divided into 2 classes - up to 700 size machines and those above. The first day, Friday, was for static judging, with flying occurring on the Saturday. It was a close contest which resulted in a fly-off for first place in the A Class competition.

Eric Babineaux flew his magnificent, electric powered Cobra, which really looks the part in the air.

This was equally matched by Rick Gouzares with his turbine powered EC135, whose spirited flying wowed everyone there.

What makes Ricks flying more amazing is that his disability means he flies a 1-stick (cyclic and rudder) transmitter of his own design, with collective and throttle being jaw operated. With this setup he is easily a match of any skilled RC helicopter pilot. Unfortunately he suffered an engine flame out and couldn't finish his flight, resulting in handing the win to Eric, a worthy champion.

Below is a picture of the pilots followed by the full results:


1. Eric Babineaux. Cobra

2. Rick Gouzares. EC135

3. Richard Gibson. LM Rotorway

4. John Martin. Bell Huey.

5. Andrew Minster MD500.


1. Don Irvine. MD500

2. Jermaine January. Bell 212

3. Andrew Minster AS350.

4. Rene Gotiear. Bell 407.

5. Richard Gibson. Bell 222. 1

6. John Shilda. MD500.

The quality of models was easily matched with the warmth of friendliness of all involved, in particular Eric Babineaux who organised the event, and the fellow pilots who looked after me during my stay.

If you're in Louisianna in Spring 2016, try and visit next year's event. You won't be disappointed.  Below is a video of Eric's final flight: