Eibergen Holland - May 2015

The 7th 'Heli-Oldie' meeting for scale helicopters was held at the Esbergse club in Eibergen, Holland. The club field was the site of the first European FAI-F3C Championship in in 1985.  

The years event was one of the largest and attracted over 35 Helicopters, many of them over 30 years old but could fly as well as many modern day machines. There were also a couple of large-scale 'specials' whose detailing was stunning - I'm glad I didn't have to compete with them.


As well as meeting up with old friends like Joop von Lent the organiser of the event, it was a pleasure to also chat with Dieter Shluter, recognised as being the first person to build a flying RC helicopter back in 1969. Dieter and I go back a long way, but we haven't seen each other for 15 or more years.



I was there with my trusty Red Bull BO105 complete with tractor and trailer unit from which I take off and land on. It always seems to amaze people that I can land on such a small spot, but it does benefit from having years of experience and clean underpants!